Start Making Sense: What Does Schedule III & Section 280E Mean for Me?

Setting the Stage: The Evolution of Cannabis Regulation

Rescheduling cannabis signifies a monumental shift for our industry, specifically presenting a potential pathway to alleviate the burdens imposed by Section 280E. In a new multi-part #IndustryEssentials webinar series, led by experts from our 14 member-led Committees, NCIA will provide a comprehensive analysis of the immediate and long-term impacts on different sectors within the cannabis industry.

In our debut session, led by the Banking & Financial Services Committee, we provided invaluable insights into the transformative implications of rescheduling cannabis to a Schedule III drug and its consequent impact on Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code. In “Schedule III & Section 280E: What Does It Mean for Me?” broadcast LIVE on Thursday, May 30th, we explored the game-changing potential of this shift, offering actionable insights for businesses navigating the evolving regulatory environment.

We were privileged to have esteemed speakers (all members of NCIA’s Banking & Financial Services Committee no less!) contributing their expertise:

Reshaping the Landscape: Regulatory Reform and Legal Implications

Among the topics explored during the webinar was the profound impact of rescheduling cannabis on federal legality, state and local tax obligations, and the broader regulatory landscape. With cannabis poised to transition to Schedule III, businesses are poised to embrace newfound opportunities while confronting challenges inherent in navigating this regulatory terrain.

Neil Rosenfield of BakerTilly USA underscored the significance of contributing to and championing advocacy organizations to effectively address regulatory hurdles. Aaron Smith echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the pivotal role of industry participation in policy reform endeavors, highlighting NCIA’s instrumental role in spearheading these changes.

Tax Talks: Navigating Section 280E and Accounting Adjustments

Another focal point of discussion revolved around the ramifications of rescheduling on tax obligations and deductions governed by Section 280E. The panelists provided invaluable insights into the implications for tax planning, including adjustments to tax bills, cash flows, and essential updates to accounting records and charts of accounts.

Steven Gotsdiner of HBK CPAs illuminated accounting requirements tailored to cannabis businesses, drawing attention to the nuances across various states. Eric Kaufman, COO of FundCanna, shed light on the hurdles encountered by cannabis enterprises, while also elucidating the potential benefits stemming from regulatory changes, such as managing surplus cash flows and preparing for shifts in interstate commerce.

Impact on Capital Costs and Investment Strategies

Eric Kaufman explored whether rescheduling cannabis to Schedule III would reduce the cost of capital for operators and recommended strategies for deploying increased cash flows to scale and grow businesses effectively.

Charting the Course: Strategies for Transition and Timelines

The webinar also delved into the anticipated timeline for these regulatory shifts, offering insights into potential implementation trajectories spanning from 2023 to 2025. Strategies for navigating diverse timelines and regulatory fluxes were discussed, equipping businesses with the tools needed to adapt and flourish in an ever-evolving landscape.

Good Accounting Practices and Future Tax Implications

Thanks to the informed engagement of our audience members, a cornerstone of what makes our webinar series so valuable for members, the discussion touched on the definition of “Good Accounting Practices” and whether this includes Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The panelists also speculated on the possibility of new excise taxes replacing 280E and the potential impacts on federal protections like bankruptcy and IPOs.

Broader Impacts: CBD, Hemp, and State-Level Variations

As the program was extended in order to answer all of our audience questions, the session concluded with insights into how these regulatory changes might affect the CBD and hemp industries. The panelists emphasized the importance of staying informed and adapting to varying state-level requirements.

Steering Towards Success: Concluding Insights and Future Directions

As the cannabis industry continues its evolution, proactive engagement with regulatory changes remains paramount for business success. The insights shared during NCIA’s #IndustryEssentials webinar series offer a compass to navigate the labyrinth of regulatory complexities and position businesses for enduring prosperity. By fostering active engagement and advocacy, cannabis enterprises can shape a regulatory landscape conducive to industry growth and development.

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Join us for the Next Episode!

As we conclude this recap of our insightful session on Schedule III and Section 280E, we’re thrilled to announce the next episode in NCIA’s #IndustryEssentials multi-part webinar series: “Committee Insights: Advancing Cannabis Science: Research Opportunities and Challenges Post-Rescheduling.” Led by our esteemed Scientific Advisory Committee, this episode promises to explore the exciting realm of scientific research and consumer safety in the wake of cannabis rescheduling.

Join us for an engaging discussion with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and shape the future of cannabis science and consumer safety. Register now to reserve your spot and be part of the conversation!

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