Committee Blog: Your Voice Matters. Advocate for Crucial Changes to the American Hemp Industry

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The Hemp Industry Needs Your Help. The 2018 Farm Bill made it legal for hemp to be grown and processed. This was a huge step forward for the Cannabis industry. The Hemp Industry was born after the Farm Bill passed. Many growers, manufacturers, and processors began to build the industry. It’s been a roller coaster ride, just like any other new industry. Congress can help remove some major roadblocks to the Hemp Industry and create a better regulatory environment for all Cannabis.

The 2018 Farm Bill will expire in 2023, making it a critical year for American hemp farmers. Congress is currently drafting a Farm Bill which will guide our agricultural and food system for the next five years. The NCIA Hemp Committee has been working hard to gain support for amendments which will benefit both the industry and our customers during this crucial period. Please see our requests:

  1. Change the definition of hemp so that it can contain up to 1% total THC. It would provide a critical level of protection to farmers and processors as the current limit is often exceeded by the growth process itself, resulting in crop losses and financial hardship.
  2. Encourage the growth of the hemp industry by encouraging banking and lending services: Treasury should provide written guidelines for banking and loaning services to hemp-related business, removing obstacles to growth.
  3. Support HR 3755 in support of non-consumable Hemp. By recognising the difference between consumable and not-consumable products of hemp, we can encourage a variety of industrial uses for hemp from textiles to construction materials.
  4. To prevent misuse of THC among teens and young adults, comprehensive education initiatives are needed to give accurate information about THC’s potential effects. We can prevent misuse of THC by teens and young adults through comprehensive educational initiatives.

During the recent NCIA Lobby Days we met with influential decision makers, including members of Agricultural Committees and their staff. After sharing our four top priorities and discussing other important issues, we left the sessions with a feeling of hope and determination. We’re now calling on the Hemp Industry supporters to speak up and contact their members of Congress in order to show broad support for the initiatives.

“NCIA Lobby Days provide the stage and podium. You bring the voice. We meet with key decision makers who are interested in the real-life situations. This enables them to inform their Senate and House of Representatives leaders. Education is key. It is a great way to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts, meet new people, educate yourself, and work together. Jillian Johnson

What can you do to help?

Remember that members of Congress were elected to represent their constituents, which is you. They can’t do this effectively unless they are fully informed on the issues that concern you. Your voice is important and vital to our democratic process. You can help shape the future Hemp Industry by speaking up and providing valuable insights.

  1. Email your congressmen .
  2. Contact your Senators and Representatives directly

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