Bethany Moore

Blog Member: What does the SAFE Banking Act mean for the Cannabis insurance landscape?

By Valerie Taylor Vice President (National Cannabis Practice Leader), Liberty Company Insurance Brokers I am an insurance broker and professional who has worked with over 70 cannabis clients. I have personally seen how the lack access to traditional banking services affects cannabis businesses. Access to traditional banking has been one of many obstacles that the…

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NCIA Members united in D.C. for Lobby Days Join us Next Year!

Photo by by Michelle Rutter Friberg NCIA’s Deputy director of Government Relations Every industry or association that has a presence in Washington, D.C. holds their own lobbying days, advocacy events, or fly-ins, as you may call them, where their members visit the Capitol and lobby Congress about their industry-specific issues. The cannabis industry has…

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Committee Blog: Novel Cannabinoid conundrum – Liability, Loopholes and Legislation

by Matthew Johnson & Doug Esposito Members of NCIA’s Risk Management and Insurance Committee The cannabis industry, for better or worse, is the most fascinating experiment of state regulation this country has ever witnessed. State laws vary greatly. The product testing requirements are not uniform. Labeling and packaging are compliance nightmares. The laws of each…

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